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Established in 1924 in Yokohama, Japan,

YANAGIDA ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. is presently engaged in fabrication and assembly at two locations, in Yokohama and Shonan.

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The Current Page

(The Current Page)

This page provides an overview of YANAGIDA ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.

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Outline of Discerning Taste Page

What does it mean to have “discerning taste”?

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Outline of Our Company Page

YANAGIDA ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. has been engaged in the pursuit of top-quality fabrication since its establishment in Yokohama, Japan in 1924.

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Outline of Our Work Page

We specialize in flexible, high-mix mid-volume machining and component assembly. Our JIT (Just-In-Time) manufacturing method allows us to eliminate inefficiency on the production floor, in turn leading to more competitive pricing.

Outline of Our Careers Page

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our vision, who have a passion for creation, and who want to grow through work.

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“The Creation of Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices”

This is the Yanagida Engineering company motto.

Quality Parts

Over 90 years of experience and accomplishments give us the edge needed to provide exceptionally high quality in our products.

Reasonable Prices

Our facilities implement lean, competitive JIT (Just-In-Time) manufacturing systems. This enables us to cut down on inefficiency across our facilities and achieve lean production costs.

Our team invests time every day to keep up with the newest manufacturing and assembly techniques, ensuring we always possess the best means possible to meet our customers’ needs.

Quality,Reasonable & Creation

Quality / Reasonable & Creation

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Two locations, in Yokohama and Shonan
Operating in two locations: Yokohama and Shonan

Our headquarters in Yokohama is situated alongside the city’s scenic Ooka River, a popular destination for cherry-blossom viewing in the spring. The nearby Gumyoji Temple and its shopping arcade preserve the vibrancy of the neighborhood’s working-class heritage and sport a retro-modern feel that is popularly featured in current television programs and commercials.


Our Shonan Factory is nestled among the exquisite scenery of Yokohama’s Hirakata Bay. When the factory’s windows are open, its rooms are soon filled with the gentle aroma of the sea. Within walking distance are the seaside recreation areas Nojima Park and Marine Park.


Yanagida Engineering operates from these two locations, sending out excellent products for our customers’ utmost satisfaction.

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Graph of Production Capacity Over Time
Annual Production Capacity of Over 1.1 Million Units

Our facilities boast six cylinder production lines, with a total output exceeding 1.1 million units per year.

Our rate of production has continually grown over time. We have been able to surpass 1 million units for six years running since 2010, and 1.1 million units in four of the years since 2012. In 2015, our annual production was 1.12 million units.


Along with our aim to increase capacity, we are committed to the improvement of our existing systems and the installation of new lines. For parts assembly, we use a single, unified manufacturing system covering all steps from fabrication of the gear housing to final assembly, allowing our customers to confidently entrust us with even large numbers of orders.

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Scenery Near Our Shonan Factory
Great Work Depends on Discerning Taste

A company’s selectivity in its processes and techniques has a profound effect upon the quality of end product and upon the prices that company can provide.

Even the same set of specifications can result in a wide range of cost and final product quality, depending on a handling company’s approach.


Are we operating efficiently? Is this the best method of production? Is this the best quality we can deliver? These are questions we constantly keep in mind to ensure we insist upon the best possible production process. We do so because we know this is the best possible service we can provide to our customers.

Our company motto of “The Creation of Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices” reflects this attitude we have toward work.


In our workplaces as well, we exercise discerning taste, insisting upon the best, without compromise. We believe providing a great working environment is critical to enabling our employees to deliver great work.


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