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Great work demands discerning taste in all aspects of the job.

Come and see where Yanagida Engineering insists upon the best.

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Great work demands discerning taste in all aspects of the job.

By “discerning taste,” we mean a refusal to compromise in our performance of the job and a rugged determination to see our goals through to the end.

Across history, all exceptional craftsmen and artists have refused to compromise in their work, insisting always upon the best.

In our field of fabrication, a company’s selectivity in its processes and techniques has a profound effect upon the quality of end product and upon the prices that company can provide.

Even the same set of specifications can result in a wide range of cost and final product quality, depending on a handling company’s approach.

Are we operating efficiently? Is this the best method of production? Is this the best quality we can deliver? These are questions we constantly keep in mind to ensure we insist upon the best possible production process. We do so because we know this is the best possible service we can provide to our customers.
Our company motto of “The Creation of Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices” reflects this attitude we have toward work.


In our workplaces as well, we exercise discerning taste, insisting upon the best, without compromise.

Our headquarters, located near Yokohama’s scenic Gumyoji Temple, and our Shonan Factory, with its gorgeous seaside view, both serve as examples of our discerning taste, even when it comes to location. Both facilities provide our employees with pleasant atmospheres in which to spend an honest day’s work.

We believe providing a great working environment is critical to enabling our employees to deliver great work.


Masayuki Yanagida, President

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“The Creation of Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices”

“The Creation of Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices” Operating under this motto since its founding, Yanagida Engineering identifies several areas in which we must always insist upon the best.

In order to provide our clients with high-quality products, we set one, overarching goal for ourselves and insist upon its completion, all the way from the time the order is received to the time of final inspection and delivery.

Additionally, our JIT (Just-In-Time) production process, in which we strive to create “the necessary parts, at the necessary time, in only the necessary amount,” demonstrates our discerning taste in eliminating waste at all stages of production.

Finally, we refuse to be satisfied with existing art and equipment, and instead insist upon the constant pursuit of greater efficiency and better end products.

Discerning Taste 2
A Treasured History, Coupled with Tireless Perseverance

Yanagida Engineering was founded in 1924, over 90 years ago. Now, we are closing in on the company’s 100th anniversary.

The Japanese expression “senjin no chie” refers to superb wisdom and techniques that are available thanks only to the long years of experience accumulated and passed down by one’s predecessors. Our nearly 100 years of history supplies us with a trove of such wisdom to guide us in our efforts.


At the same time, we realize how important it is to keep abreast of the times and for that reason diligently seek out the most current techniques and provide employee training initiatives suitable to our modern age.

We believe Yanagida Engineering’s discerning taste manifests most profoundly in this treasured history and tireless perseverance.


Discerning Taste 3
Working Environment

Our insistence on the best extends to our working environment as well.

Our headquarters in Yokohama is situated alongside the city’s scenic Ooka River, a popular destination for cherry-blossom viewing in the spring. The nearby Gumyoji Temple and its shopping arcade preserve the vibrancy of the neighborhood’s working-class heritage and sport a retro-modern feel that is popularly featured in current television programs and commercials.

Our Shonan Factory is nestled among the exquisite scenery of Yokohama’s Hirakata Bay. When the factory’s windows are open, its rooms are soon filled with the gentle aroma of the sea. Within walking distance are the seaside recreation areas Nojima Park and Marine Park.

We believe providing a great working environment is critical to enabling our employees to deliver great work.

Yanagida Engineering Company Logo About the Yanagida Engineering Company Logo


“100 Years: Looking Back on Our Origin, and Looking Forward to the Next 1000 Years.”



In preparation for our 100th anniversary, our modernized logo incorporates two circles, to represent the gravity of a company with a legacy two zeros long.


The logo is symbolic of our promise to cherish the company’s original mission and to press onward to a further one thousand years of success.

The left circle represents the three key elements of our company motto, “The Creation of Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices,” their boundaries forming the shape of the letter ‘Y,” for “Yanagida.”

The bottom half of the right circle represents our 100 year history, and the top half represents the future yet to come.

The circle’s border, coupled with the straight line connecting past to future, forms the shape of the letter ‘E’ for “Engineering.”


The two circles together are joined into the shape of the infinity symbol, “∞.”


This logo was chosen from among entries to a logo design contest held among our employees.

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